Dival, made it’s first production in 2006 as the brand of Damla Ofset in diary and paper products field, who has started it’s activity in 1984.


In Konya, with 4000 m² indoor production facility and a hundred employees maintain it’s production activities in Modesa & Busan production facilities.


With Damla Ofset’s strong production infrastructure about cardboard and artificial leather processing, Dival has offering diaries, calendars and office items with over 100 product model With different colour-size alternatives dival offers over 1000 promotional products with it’s wide production range.


With presence in the domestic and outland fairs, Dival make one’s name. Today, exporting it’s products to 15 different countries, with Istanbul region office and dealer partners all over Turkey Dival, has a wide sales web over the country.


Dival, in the past 10 years manufacturing as order. But from 2016, to respond the quick requests came from the customers, Dival has now all products in it’s catalogue in stocks. If the model you wish in our stocks, the product can be dispatch in the same day with order. If it’s not, we will produce it with care.