Our Values

As Damla Ofset & Dival Diary, wants to share with you our precision that we gain from 35 years of experience and traditions. We are expecting from you to respect that the media you sent to print in our facility and hope you understand us.
We would like to remind you that we will not be able to use some of the contents of the media in any part of the production documents as you will see the list below.

• Under the Turkish Laws the if the media has crime
• Alcoholic beverages producing companies and including alcoholic drink ads
• Printing and Advertising a Terrorist organization under the laws of the Republic of Turkey.
• The third parties that producing, Advertising and selling illegal drugs.
– Documents containing nudity, partial nudity, and advertisements for companies in the porn industry.
• Offensing the human rights.
• Offensing the religions and the believers.
• The religous advertisement, writings, holy books except from the Islam religion.
– Documents containing advertisements for gambling and betting companies.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.