Greyder / DE
Model: Linen
Quantity: 1500
This notebook, made from recycled materials, was designed as an environmentally friendly notebook.

DHL 2023

Model: Combine
Quantity: 2500

One of the best examples of how to make a corporate notebook with a minimal design. A user-focused ledger can also serve institutional investments.

Enza Home



BoConcept / DK

Model: Record

Quantity: 3000 pcs.


We designed a notebook with BoConcept company that reflects their furniture collection. They really liked this black notebook, which reflects both their minimal and different designs.

Atlas Copco

Model: Smart


Entire Surface Debossing, Custom Inner Pad


For years, we have been collaborating with Atlas Copco for their corporate notebooks. Despite working on different designs every year, this notebook design, featuring full-surface printing and a custom cast accessory, has received widespread acclaim. The company, by customizing the inner block based on understanding its target audience, has successfully achieved its goal of gaining more visibility.

Santa Teresa

Can a notebook have minimal lines and be sparkly? We captured this touch with gilding in this notebook we designed for Santa Teresa.

Model: Papyrus


Together with the Seat team, we designed a notebook that reflects the brand line in every detail, is both user-oriented and contributes to brand promotion.




Debossing, Edge Painting, Insert Pages and Metal Ribbon Charm

Aston Martin

We used the appeal of simplicity to design a stylish notebook. We designed a user-oriented notebook with perforated pages.

Model: Classic
Size: Specific
Cover Material and Customization: GL-700 Black PU ande Debossing, Foil Printing,
Inner Pad Customization: Perforated Pages

KT International

Model : Specific
Size : 15×21 cm (5.80”x8.25”)
Quantity : 4.000 pcs
Cover Material : GL-700 Black and GL-600 Red, Double Sided PU
Cover Branding : Double Side Entire Surface Debossing
Insert Pages : 250 Gsm Coated Paper, 1 Sheets, 4C Printed
Complements : Ribbon, Border Stitching, PU Pen Loop and Snap Fastener
Accessories : PU Pocket
Presentation : Single Box


We have been working with DHL for years, both in Europe and Turkey. Our specially designed notebooks for DHL help them become more efficient in their work. We engage in custom production to meet DHL's unique needs, and sometimes we also produce desk and wall calendars alongside these notebooks. By offering these special products to both employees and customers, we take DHL's brand experience to the next level.


This special notebook features a design that reflects Vodafone's brand value. Each page carry with pride Vodafone's colors, symbols, and energy. The Lilyum notebook, designed to assist with everything from collaborative projects to personal goals, has been redesigned for Vodafone employees.

Notebook Spesifications
Model :Dival Lilyum Notebook
Quantity : 5.968 pcs
Cover Branding : Debossing, Personalization with laser Engraving
Inner Pad : 70 Gsm Ivory Paper, 112 Sheets, Lined
Insert Pages : 70 Gsm Ivory Paper, 16 Sheets, 4C Printed
Accessories : Mood Sticker and Pen