This is the story of 40 years of adventure…
Specializing in the field of corporate gifts with its deep experience in the printing industry, Dival continues to add strength to the corporate stories of brands and to inspire the sector with effective and functional designs with its deep-rooted past of nearly half a century.
We produce creative and permanent solutions to the corporate needs of brands.
By crossing our borders, we are delivering Dival quality to more than 20 countries in Europe, and we are carrying our vision beyond the times.

Our Mission

To be able to provide completely special production Corporate Gift notebooks and agendas to all businesses that will contribute to raising their brand values.

Our History

We have been operating since 1983. In addition to working with the distinguished brands of Turkey, we export to more than 20 countries.

Our team

We are a smart, innovative team with an attention to detail, dedicated to realizing even the most unusual designs.

Damla Group leads the printing industry with its experience of more than 40 years.While producing qualified solutions for the corporate needs of its customers with its brands specializing in different fields; becomes a partner in the stories of brands locally, nationally and internationally.


It produces permanent solutions for the corporate needs of brands with its functional notebook, agenda and calendar collection for promotional and office use. Dival brand offers its products in Turkey in 2006, in Europe in 2010 and in the USA since 2018.


It personalizes corporate gift products according to the needs of brands, transforms them into brand ambassador pieces and carries out wholesale sales.


Dost Mask, which emerged to meet the need for masks during the pandemic period and offers diversity with various hygiene and protection products; continues to serve with quality, reliable and innovative approach.


DOSTWARE has the mission of presenting the gains that our group companies have achieved by digitalizing processes in the last 20 years within their 40-year history, for the benefit of all SMEs. Focusing on the needs of SMEs and aiming to enable them to operate more effectively and efficiently, DOSTWARE is building a boutique ERP approach. From everything, as much as needed...

High Quality

Quality is indispensable for us. We know so do you. With this awareness, we aim for 100% perfect production.

Brand Ambassador Products

Every brand has a corporate spirit and culture. We design brand ambassador products that will strengthen your brand's image in every detail and represent it in every lane.

Special Production

We are against standards. By combining our imagination with our production experience of more than 40 years, we produce products specific to the needs of brands.


We adopt an environmentally friendly production philosophy for a sustainable future. We are working to leave a green legacy to nature and the future with recyclable products that can be used for many years.