We proudly present Dival's New Face, New Corporate Identity!

As Dival, we continue to uphold our commitment to providing you with the best products, drawing on our 40 years of manufacturing experience. We are constantly innovating to better serve you and make our products more accessible.

At Dival, we are dedicated to continuous self-renewal and improvement. Therefore, we have some exciting news to share with you:


A Brand New Logo

We welcome you with a modern, dynamic, and inspiring design. With this new logo, Dival aims to reflect the quality and innovation in our products. While our logo has changed, our deep-rooted vision remains the same. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and delivering the highest quality notebooks remains unchanged.

A logo is an important part of a brand's identity, and thus, refreshing our logo was a significant step for us. The brand's namesake, the tulip figure, which is widely used in the art of dival, inspired the Dival design team in creating the logo.

The tulip, which has been one of the most important symbols of Turkish culture for centuries, creating patterns for various products, from architecture to literature, from ceramics to fabrics, represents an emblem that Dival can proudly carry as a Turkish signature in the international market.


Renewed Website

We have completely revamped our website and worked to enhance your user experience. Now, you can easily find our products and access detailed information quickly. We appreciate your trust in our 40 years of manufacturing experience. We look forward to bringing you more innovations and updates in the near future.