Edge Painting & Gilding

A unique option for having an excellent notebook compilation. Use your official PMS colors or any contrasting colors. It’s not enough to just paint if you’re after a brighter and lively look. Then our offer to you is silver and gold gilded edging alternatives.

Perforated Pages

If you want to be able to tear pages nicely to share your notes or creations with others a binded notebook might turn ugly but not if the pages are perforated. We make all or some of the pages perforated according to your preference. If you are a good archivist it’s also very easy for us to include file holes.

Custom End Paper

First page behind the cover. Not added on top, rather an essential element that puts the binding together. Pick a stunning color or place all the message here which you do not prefer to have on the cover.

Insert Pages

The moment interaction gets deeper…
Insert a comprehensive introduction or product catalog before or between the inner pages section or make the technical data an inseparable part of the notebook…

Variable Inner Pads

Why should all the pages be the same? At DIVAL, you’re allowed to design each page differently or to add different messages on different pages or to include planner pages.


Categorizing notes at a conference or transforming your notebook into a planner.

Logoed Inner Pads

It’s very easy for your brand name or message to appear on all the pages. Even without any min order limitation. Grey in color or the exact same color on your logo – inexpensively.

Edge Printing


We print your brand message or logo on the edges of the notebook to give the message in depth.