Always go back to classics..

Debossing is simply forcing a collapse of 0.2 mm on the print area thru hot stamping on faux leather. The high-frequency accuracy enables a set and clean look. Also “the burn” as a result of hot stamping transforms the color of the print area into a darker version of the cover color which gives the branding a natural looking variation.

When all you need is just an elegant logo on the cover then debossing is the best customization.

Enitre Surface Debossing



Foil Printing

Creates a stunning impression when implemented correctly. It enables your brand to stand out by picking a contrasting foil color compared to the color of the cover. Here are our foil color suggestions: Gold, silver, white, black and clear. You can also choose to do it with more than one color. (Contact us for more color options.)

Screen & UV (Digital) Printing

When “color” is of the major defining elements of your brand message then screen printing is the best way to go. Contemporary printing techniques like UV Digital Printing allow any image you wish to be on your notebook’s cover.

Offset Printing

Offset printing lets us implement any kind of printing that is possible on the paper also on the cover. Defining colors of the brand message, must-have photographs and more. Pick one among the matt or glossy cover options.